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Experience the expertise and compassionate care of Dr. Lam and the entire Phoenix Face team. From correcting cleft lip to treating facial trauma, we are committed to providing the absolute best care and ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.  Let Phoenix Face be your trusted partner in achieving a transformed and empowered new version of yourself or your loved one. We can’t wait to embark on this incredible journey with you!


Hope you never need. Dr. Lam is GO-TO if you do!

I would shout from rooftops if I couldn’t reach more with a quiet review. We were in need of emergent oral surgery to treat an abscess.  The condition is much more serious a health risk than we knew. Went to dentist, quick care, ER, and was admitted to hospital. Waited for an on call oral surgeon only to be told after 48 hours, there was nothing hospital surgeon could do. (“Medical necessity. Not life threatening.”) Our experience with Dr. Troy Lam and his team began with kind, empathetic, and an eagerness to help. The level of care pre, during and post procedure was unlike anything I have ever experienced in my 40+ years in Las Vegas.  In addition to being highly skilled and gentle, Dr. Lam and his entire staff were KIND and treated the individual, not the condition. They turned a horrible medical condition and experience into a positive story that there are still medical professionals that care to help. Cannot thank them enough!

Dr. Lam is the epitome of what a true caring doctor should encompass, and we will forever be grateful for him.

There are not enough words to express our family’s endless gratitude for Dr. Lam! My daughter endured a horrific dog bite to her face, and we were terrified of what the lasting effects would be. However, once we were made aware that Dr. Lam would be my daughters surgeon, we continuously were told by all the hospital staff that we came in contact with, that my daughter was in the best hands she could ever be in, and they were not wrong! From the moment he came in and introduced himself, he has been the best surgeon we could have ever prayed for! He has been so calm and reassuring throughout the entire surgery and healing process, and has turned this horrible nightmare into a blessing with results we couldn’t have ever imagined!

Dr. Lam is an amazing surgeon!

My baby girl was born with a large tumor on her upper gum line. At just 2 days old, she went through surgery with Dr. Lam. He successfully removed the lump without an issue. As always surgery is a scary thing due to never knowing the outcome, especially at a few days old. His intelligence and confidence in explaining the procedure really helped me feel comfortable with the decision to move forward. She recovered without an issue and is beginning to get her baby teeth with no problem. I am truly grateful for him and his expertise.

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